My PhD project is about application of dual-process theory of recognition memory to a phenomenon in eyewitness recognition known as the positive/negative difference. Other areas of interest include forgiveness research, memory and learning generally and the influence of factors that are other major interests in my life such as tea and artistic pursuits on social behaviour and memory.


Conferences and Publications

Williamson, P., Weber, N. and Timmins, S. (2012). The role of intuitive statistical knowledge in confidence-accuracy calibration: How people make confidence judgments when guessing. In AM Columbus, ed. Advances in Psychology Research Volume 95. Hauppauge, New York: Nova Publishers, pp. 27-50.

Fletcher, S. and Weber, N. (2013). What is familiar may not be old: Recollection and markers of recognition accuracy for ‘no’ decisions. 40th Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference. Adelaide, Australia. Apr 2013.

Fletcher, S. & Weber, N. (2013). It’s all a bit too familiar: Recollection and the positive-negative difference in predictors of recognition accuracy. SARMAC X, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


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