Drawing, Visual arts, Design & Crafts

I like to pursue all kinds of visual arts including photographing people, nature, tea, and tranquil moments, watercolour painting, making cards, drawing with pencil, charcoal and conte crayons, film projects, face painting and makeup and various paper crafts, knitting projects and flower-pressing. My photography work is shown on some of the other pages on this blog, ‘portrait photography’ and ‘other photography’. Similarly my face-painting work has its own page here. This page shows some examples of my other artistic activities.

I have recently learnt to draw digitally and created logos for both my own artistic work and the new music duo I am involved in with my husband.

I like to paint in watercolour and have recently started a project of crafting tea-themed cards and gift tags. For the Rose of Tralee Irish Night I also painted rose sprigs on cloth with acrylics for the table centrepieces, of which I was very proud.


I enjoy creating thematic guestbook alternatives for events and producing something the people involved can keep as an artwork or something practical in their home.IMG_7377 wpid-2015-04-22-12.10.27.png.png

I enjoy filming the small, tranquil or beautiful details that others might not notice, in a kind of film diary. Some examples include my garden film (my first attempt at something like this, some of which was filmed on my phone before I got my DSLR) which I worked on monthly for a year, and my UK film journal entitled Approximately 345 Days in the Cold.

I have also recently started work on tea – themed letter writing sets:

My goal is to make them from all-recycled paper taken from old maps, dictionaries, etc found in op shops. This set has envelopes made entirely from recycled paper, but the writing pages are done on leftover travel-themed wrapping paper.


I have always enjoyed drawing and took a drawing class in first year university as well as practising in my own time.

I often draw characters from role playing games I am involved with an later watercolour them to depict the character’s colouring.


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