Shoutout to women in the sciences, engineering, IT, trades etc

Hi everyone,

If you follow my PhDancer short stories page on Facebook you might have noticed my new science-girl character Kimberly popping up recently. She is my short story practice version of a long term project. If you’re female and you study or work in the sciences, engineering, maths, IT, etc, please read on. You can help me. I’m also interested in women in trades like mechanics, plumbers etc. If you have a friend who fits this description, you can help me by passing this message on.

My husband is very passionate about giving girls stories that make science and maths seem more like a cool thing girls can be into. I think we’re all aware of the gender imbalance in the sciences and engineering and of the fact that some girls are interested in these subjects when they’re younger but might feel like it’s not a thing girls do, because there aren’t many stories, kids books, novels, you name it, out there with characters like them. So Lloyd has challenged me to provide these stories. He is my “science and maths consultant” – since I’m a Humanities type, helping me to write realistic science and maths in the stories.

What Lloyd can’t tell me, is what it’s like to be a girl who is drawn to these fields. So I’m looking for personal anecdotes and general experiences from women who have ended up working in or studying the sciences, engineering, maths, IT, etc. I want to hear from as diverse a group of women as possible – about what school was like, how you got interested, did you have bad experiences around having these interests, what were good experiences, what things did you do as a young child because of your interests (funny anecdotes a bonus), how did other personal characteristics about you, such as your cultural background, spirituality/religion, or sexual orientation interact with your interest in or aptitude for these fields to make up your unique experience – how did you end up where you are today.

If you think you have experiences that would help me get inside the heads of women in science, or you have a friend who you think does, please get in touch via, and help me create some characters girls today from all kinds of backgrounds can identify with.

Thank you all very much for reading and in advance for telling me about your experiences.


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