UK Adventure Journal: Untrained Acrobatics and Distance St Patrick’s Day

March 3rd – March 17th 2016

As March drew on Spring came out in force with the appearance of hard-to-photograph flitting blue jays, many more red robins, and flowers and new leaves all around. Our routine continued much as normal with our plans to visit the Salisbury markets again being derailed by Lloyd catching the flu. I set out on a mission to become skilled at acrobatics, starting by trying to increase my back flexibility for back bends and working on my splits, relearning how to do cartwheels and overcoming my fear of handstands (bad childhood fall) in order to progress to walking on my hands. Lloyd strictly forbid ‘untrained acrobatics checks’ in the flat, so I limited myself to stretching there and worked on the handstands and cartwheels at the Common. I am proud that I can now push up into a back bend from the floor, something I was never flexible enough to do previously.



On my March explorations at the Common I found more than one fairy door. I also discovered a dalek outside a shop on my way to the uni markets one day and plan to find out more about why it is there another day when I have more time to stop.



I also finally got back to work on the editing of photos from my portfolio building portrait photo shoots I did last year, and was very happy with the most recent set.



I also entered a short story competition and spent some time finalising lyrics for all the compositions Lloyd has put together so far.

On the 15th of March, right in the middle of Lloyd’s flu spate, the power was switched off at Southbrook Rise for the mains to be connected and tested. As it was to be off all day and overnight, we were offered an allowance to book a hotel, which we took advantage of for hot showers and wifi. I was able to download an app for BBC catch up TV, and some episodes of things which I’m hoping are now available to me offline, which will be cool. I got to chat with friends using my laptop for the first time in ages and catch up on these journal entries.

I also had a number of other successful group chats with people during March including my dance family, and finished and posted my first tea-themed letter set as a birthday present for Emily.




This St Patrick’s Day was to be my first in 16 years without a performance with my dance crew. Therefore I planned to choreograph my own special solo dance and film it at the Common. Music was to be Lloyd’s whistle playing, but due to his flu he could not play for me, so I had to improvise. My lovely friend and ex adult student Clare recorded a series of tunes on the whistle for me when she woke up on St Patrick’s Day morning, and I cut these together to make the music I danced to.

Dancing on the Common

Several members of my dance class got together at one of their houses in the evening for tea, music making and a little lounge room ceili dance, and I was able to join in with this gathering via Google hangouts. A hilarious attempt at singing together occurred with the delay between when I heard things and when they heard them.

In the evening Lloyd attempted a couple of tunes on the whistle and we played some of our own music over a Guinness Dublin porter, which is not the same thing as the Guinness we would have had back home but at least it was a Guinness branded thing.


I also obtained a soda bread recipe from a dance school parent to attempt to make during the week. Overall it was certainly a strange St Patrick’s Day, but there were lots of nice moments and I felt I was able to contribute to the mood back home with my video and virtual connection.



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