UK Adventure Journal: The Wonderful Historical World of Winchester

30th January 2016

On the last weekend of our stay in the AirBnB we rewarded ourselves for our valiant house hunting efforts with a day trip to the neighbouring town of Winchester. This is a very historically rich town in which we could have spent much more time, if we had it. Winchester actually was once the capital, from which many of the kings ruled. The great hall still stands and houses what is called King Arthur’s round table. The information provided explained that in fact Henry VIII commissioned the production of this artefact. Lloyd explained to me that historians are only partially convinced that King Arthur was a real person. There was even an entire wall of royal family tree.



We were also lucky enough to catch Winchester on market day, and obtained many exciting things such as £10 worth of different types of fudge and various gourmet game sausages, along with excellent paella for lunch. The University of Winchester’s busking society were performing in the market, and comprised a surprisingly large group of student musicians and singers whose university club I envied very much.




We strolled along the big river, saw a tiny bit of Roman wall which still stands in this place, and thoroughly froze from being fractionally further inland than our two weeks’ experience had accustomed us to. At the end of the day we returned to Southampton very satisfied, and with every intention of returning when possible to see more of this fascinating town. For starters, the house where Jane Austen lived is in Winchester, and has been made into a Jane Austen museum, which I have made a date with my Mum for when she manages to visit.


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