UK Adventure Journal: Day 1, Goodbyes

19th January, 2016

Today was a day of goodbyes and preparations. In the morning my three bridesmaids plus two very good friends Ashton and Clare came to Gratton Street for our last social gathering there, a morning tea with some boardgames, writing in the wedding guestbook new section for the move, and taking of great photos. Many hugs and some tears were shared, but most were quite positive, wishing us luck and believing in our ability to stay in contact via video chat, social media and a little bit of very special snail mail.



After the morning tea was over, and our friends had gone safely on their way each carrying a collection of our perishable food and bits and pieces we couldn’t leave at the house or bring along, we packed our final pack and set off for Lloyd’s parents’ house. There we had a final family dinner with both sets of parents and Lloyd’s sister Charmaine, sang an early happy birthday to Lloyd over pavlova, and took funny family pictures.

As early as we could, we said goodnight and nervously went to bed to try to sleep, ready for our flight the next morning.


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