One of our adult Irish dance class members is entered in the huge Irish international festival the Rose of Tralee this year. You might think The Rose of Tralee is some kind of beauty contest. I certainly thought so once. But it isn’t.  It’s a character contest – about the beauty on the inside. One of the main tasks for contestants is to hold fundraisers to raise money for local charities. In South Australia the selected charity is Can:Do4Kids, an organisation that supports kids with vision or hearing impairment.

So this Sunday our dance class is holding a night of Irish themed fun with live Irish music, dance performances,  social dances called ceili dances that you can learn, a photobooth and lots of games, activities,  creative guestbooks and so on, to raise money for Can:Do4Kids and take Elise one step closer to going to Ireland.

The preparation has felt oddly like wedding planning,  with rehearsal of music and dance, baking of special goodies guests can take home, writing of MC notes, crafting of centerpieces and guestbook items and more. It’s been fun but exhausting and I hope that people come!

You can see the Facebook event here:

And the Google + event here:” target=”_blank”>


Bouquet of roses guest book


Origami roses