Hi, I’m Sarah, thanks for looking at my WordPress blog! This blog will be a mixture of things as the passions in my life are a colourful mixture which I hope to one day blend. Some of them include my day job doing research into recognition memory, teaching and performing Irish dance, singing and writing some basic songs of my own, choreographing and filming dance, creative writing, wedding planning, all things nature, and the mystical and delicious world of tea with its rich history, tradition and flavour. In my writings here I want to look as deeply as possible into the connections between these widely diverse callings and search for thoughts on the kinds of work that I could undertake in the future which might utilise more than one of my skill sets. I believe that the intricate social customs and history surrounding tea in different cultures has links to psychology and perhaps one day could provide a new avenue for research. Similarly dance, with its roots in many cultures and potential to influence mood and health more generally I view as not such a great leap away from my psychology day job as it may seem. Towards the end of next year there is a chance that my husband will achieve the amazing opportunity of a post-doc position in Bologna, Italy, and since I will have completed my own PhD by then, I am considering what I will do there. I hope that recording the far-flung concepts that occur to me when reflecting on the different aspects of my life will help me to decide.


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